visual machine no. 1

a year of blender

it’s been now a year since i started with blender/3d and i am pretty happy with how things went so far. there is still *a lot* to learn for me here, yet at the same time i never expected to be able to produce so quickly the kinds of videos blender allows me to make today.

visual machine no. 1

while i am still working on that first (short) 3d animation of mine where i’ll have some (simple) characters with “real” bones, i now finished a 3d visual music video:


watch/download the mpeg-4 (h.264) encoded version

visual machine no. 1

(higher resolution)


watch the flash video version on

visual machine no. 1

(lower resolution)

note that the mpeg-4 (h.264) video might require a relatively fast machine for smooth playback – it works fine on my imac g5, but it did not work well on a friend’s g4… i did not want to upload a smaller version, since the edges of the 3d objects/graphics tend to look too pixelated when viewed full-screen.

but the flash video version on my account looks astonishingly good (for flash) even when viewed full-screen.

editing by number

maybe something about the editing: i think this is the first time that i cut a complete video using only clips/blocks of video with exactly the same length (or half/a quarter/an eight of that length). this was necessary in order to have the visuals really fit to the minimalist 120 bpm techno(id) track that i had previously prepared in garageband. i am surprised how well this “editing by number” worked out and how organic in fact it looks…


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5 Responses to visual machine no. 1

  1. Stoilov says:

    Valentin, it’s great. I watched it and i think it’s very good ;)

    Best regards.

  2. vsworks says:

    yordan, thanks for watching – i’m glad you liked it!

  3. Gasten says:

    Dude, if you run Linux, check out Fluxus @ or something like that. Algorithmic 3d graphics with the scheme programming language.

  4. vsworks says:

    Thanks, will check out Fluxus, don’t have Linux at this moment but plan to install it soon. BTW: the URL you posted doesn’t quite work, but without the “/Fluxus” at the end you get to the project’s main page…

  5. Gasten says:

    Ah, sorry. This is the right address:

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