How-to make 2D titles in blender: 2D Title Presets v0.1

This is a simple .blend file to show Final Cut Pro editors – and everyone else who is interested – how-to make “crystal clear” 2D titles using the free and open-source blender.

Download the 2D Title Presets v01 2D Title Presets v011a (updated: 15th November 2008) .blend file (“save as”) – thanks Paul for hosting it!

*Update* This preset is meant to be used with the old/classic stable Blender 2.49b: get it here!

(Or get a recent version of Blender here.)

Detailed instructions for use inside the .blend file.

Feedback welcome!

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5 Responses to How-to make 2D titles in blender: 2D Title Presets v0.1

  1. cillian says:

    Thanks! This works brilliantly and you have described exactly how to use it within the blend file. There’s no need to understand blender to use this, but it really got me exploring blender a bit. I played with the extrude setting to make the text 3d and added motion blur to the render option. This is how I will be doing titles from now on and I suspect a whole lot more too. Thanks again!

  2. vsworks says:

    Good to hear this works for you – this was pretty much what I was hoping the 2D title presets would do: get new people interested in blender while using it as a title tool…!

  3. Zen of Film says:

    During the last week I worked on something similar in Blender. As the Open Movie Projects have shown: Blender does everything in CGI *even* pretty professional titles. In my specific task I had to insert animated titles. Blender did it very easily and I even used the internal Sequence Editor to compose it all – no need to switch to any semi-professional NLE suites one might use.

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