See you in Amsterdam: Blender conference and Video Vortex conference

I’ll be at the blender conference in Amsterdam from Friday to Sunday this week (12-14.10.07) and really looking forward to it – it’s my first blender conference and the program looks really promising!

And I’ll be once more in Amsterdam early next year at the Video Vortex conference (18-19.01.08), only this time not in the audience, since I was invited to talk about “Alternative Platforms and Software”, here the full program of this event.

5 Responses to See you in Amsterdam: Blender conference and Video Vortex conference

  1. mave says:

    Valentin, hello again! I would be really interested in a report of how it went with the alternative platforms and software in Video VOrtex! when you have the time of course sometime in 2008! I am really happy you have gotten so much involved with blender!

  2. vsworks says:

    Thedore, thanks for your comment! Good idea, I’ll try to write a summary of what I heard and said at the Video Vortex conference, should be online maybe a couple of days after the conference ended…


  3. jay dedman says:

    hey Valentin, im on your panel at Vide Vortex. checking out your work now. im really excited about asking you more about Blender. It’s something Ive been wanting to try out. you can see what we’ll be talking about at

  4. vsworks says:

    Hey Jay, I look forward to finally meet you in person – actually this will be the first time I’ll meet someone in real life from the Ourmedia (moderating) team!


  5. metalive says:

    Hello from the back row at PostCS11! Very interesting showcase you did just now. Indiworks is in our blogroll from now on.

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