vivaldi rock – new flash video and sketches

new flash video

two flash video conversions (320×240 and 640×480) have been added to the vivaldi rock page on the internet archive – the new 320×240 640×480 flash conversion is now also the one on the video’s page.

*** still for an optimal viewing experience downloading of the medium resolution or even better the high resolution version is recommended! *** (or who would want to go to an art gallery and only get to see cheap photocopies of the paintings…?!) also try to adjust your sound (settings) accordingly before watching… thank you! ***

vivaldi rock (2008, 4:13, visual music video)


when working on a video like vivaldi rock i make a lot of tests – here are some of my digital sketches: test renders and design tests made during the production. they appear in chronological order (left to right, top to bottom) and give a bit of an idea of how the project evolved from the creator’s point of view – not everything might be perfect here, but it could be interesting to see what kind of ideas made it into the final animation and what was left out…

note that the final design for the visuals is of course heavily inspired by existing (2d graphic) design from the 60’s and 70’s of the last century – vivaldi rock is among other things a personal homage to a somewhat demanding yet fascinating colour combination that those who grew up in the 1970’s might never (be able to) forget…

click to see larger versions – file names = descriptions… (you can click the images once more on their individual pages to see them in full size!)

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