Blender Video Editing Tutorial: New Screenshot and Contents

Blender Video Editing: About the Tutorial Text

Here another screenshot from the Blender Video Editing tutorial where you can see more of the actual Quick Start tutorial text. If you want to learn how-to edit video with Blender this text will show you all the basics – inside the .blend file!

Click the image to see a larger version.

This is an interactive tutorial – all things in this .blend file have been arranged in a way that it will be fairly simple to learn all the basics in a very short period of time – no need to have a book or a web page open, you don’t even need video footage for the main part of the tutorial:

Learning the Basics With Colour Strips

All the basics like Navigation – Shorten/Extend – Moving A Clip – Snapping – Cut – Delete (including: selecting, dropping clips; frame counter, “Channels”) are shown with simple colour strips in the first part called “Editing/VSE Basics”– you can read and practise at the same time!


…is how the second part of the tutorial is called. Here the most common questions new users have when getting started with the Blender VSE are answered. (E.g.: How can I fade-in/fade-out video? How can I export video with sound? Etc.)

Blender VSE: De Facto Platform Independent NLE

This is one of the most interesting, maybe overlooked features of the Blender VSE: the same .blend file can be opened and edited on five different operating systems, e.g. on a Mac, a Windows PC or a laptop running Ubuntu – this is a de facto platform independent NLE! Try to do this with Final Cut Pro… And best of all: Blender is free and open-source – install it on as many PCs as your production requires – no need to buy any license for non-linear video editing (or SFX works). See all the new features the Blender VSE has since Blender 2.46, a good starting point for more information – also points out current limitations and workarounds – is the Using VSE page from the Blender Wiki.

In Three Steps to the Tutorial

*link updated* (v0.1.1, 15th November 2008)

1. Download the .blend file (depending on your browser/platform: simply click or right click and “Save As”)

2. Download Blender (you need the latest Blender 2.46 for this tutorial to make sense)

*Update* This preset is meant to be used with the old/classic stable Blender 2.49b: get it here!

(Or get a recent version of Blender here.)

3. Double-click the .blend – the Quick Start tutorial text is inside the .blend: it will guide you through all the basics you need to get started with the Blender Video Sequence Editor!


…or suggestions for improving the tutorial always welcome.

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  1. Thanks so much for this guide! ^_^

  2. vsworks says:

    Thanks for checking it out…!

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  5. video editing brisbane…

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