Cameron’s Sick Society

August 11, 2011

More shocking than the England/London riots themselves are the reaction of politicians and other officials. In denial and fear of loosing their jobs they go on attacking those involved in the riots and the looting.

I agree with David Cameron that society as such (not just in the UK) is “sick”. Yet when you have a serious flue what does the doctor do to cure you? Punish you for being sick? Or find out why you are sick and see how he can help you getting back to normal?

It is most astonishing to hear Nottingham Magistrates’ Court Judge Devas say to a convicted looter: “Don’t you feel ashamed that you are now counted among the hundreds of yobbos arrested and now considered as scum by the public?” So this is justice in the year 2011? Public humiliation..? Just wow. And people wonder why there is no respect for society and the system. Just listen to yourself Judge Devas…!

We have David Cameron talking about “phony human rights concerns” (in context of identifying potential rioters) and hear suggestions to evict people involved in riots from council houses.

Of course with this kind of language there was quickly a successful e-petition (100 000+) that asks for rioters loosing their benefits.

A social media ban for suspected rioters is yet another of David Cameron’s brilliant ideas.

And of course we had a suggestion of assembling all the rioters in Wembley stadium Just wow.

This is politics and courts failing those they have failed before yet once more:

rubber bullets, humiliation and exclusion are the answers to a “sick” society from those in charge. Fail, fail, fail.

Yes, society is sick. But it’s also true that:

The fish always stinks from the head downwards.

Be careful who you call “scum”. If the tone we hear does not change quickly this will backfire sooner or later with much greater force than what we have seen in recent days. And next time I guess the mob will be smarter and attack the CCTV cams first: Big Brother is not the solution but part of the problem.

This surely does look like Capitalism failing and Fascism rising.

Update 1:

The system is obviously a joke: you steal a bottle of water worth £3.50 and get six months in jail plus the prime minister’s and the honorable judges’ “scum'” tag. Yet those who looted society – politicians helping bankers, bankers helping politicians – are still walking around freely, anonymously and with no justice done whatsoever! David Cameron tries to punish and exclude the UK youth out of fear of loosing his job. So 11-17 year olds, their families and communities are now paying the prize for the failure of politics. The world is looking at you UK, the world’s youth is looking at you David Cameron and be sure that people know who the real “scum”, the real looters are. Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y…?

Why, just why is it that the majority of our leaders are such a miserable failure…?!

Update 2:

London riots: Wandsworth council moves to evict mother of charged boy ( “…they will have to find housing in the private sector and that will be tougher for them. But they should have thought about that before they started burgling” = “Let them eat cake.”

David Cameron, your society is very, very sick. Excuse me, I now need to go and puke while thinking of you and your pals from Wandsworth coucil!

Markets “volatile” – London burning

August 9, 2011

While the London riots are truly shocking they do not surprise me at all: as with so many problems today the sad thing is that they all have one common root cause that has been ignored way too long by our system: poverty.

So instead of blaming social media (expect more calls from clever politicians to censor teh evil Internets) why not blame the bankers who robbed and looted our society for months and years and who received bonuses on top…?

Maybe those young people (some around 10-14 year olds!) are not just “criminals” as the politicians and the police say but maybe they simply also expect some “bonuses” now…? You know the young ones, the “copycats” just do what they are being shown on TV by the responsible adults, the social-funds cutting politicians helping the “markets”, the bankers and the corporations.

We are loosing much more than “trillions” of made-up money on the stock markets these days, we are loosing so much more than what is being destroyed physically by the looting. We are loosing a generation of young ones who don’t see a future. And as a society this is our future.

Go capitalism! More growth! Go markets! Go…!

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“Faites vos jeux…!”

August 5, 2011

IWW poster printed 1911

(Source: Wikipedia)

While this old days info graphic style poster is now 100 years old it could hardly be more up to date today – and it also works for any kind of suppressive regime (with e.g. a centralised economy): “We shoot at you” is what is happening in Syria these days (

Yesterday I started again reading Robert Peston’s business blog: How close is Credit Crunch 2? His latest post from today: The origins of today’s market mayhem (

For a look at alternatives to our current money (based) system see the P2P Foundation blog and those posts with the P2P Money tag (

And for those enjoying their rides on the world’s biggest Casino today: just don’t forget that when “zero” comes up it is always the Bank that wins! You won’t be able to change that… Yet we might be able to change the rules. So that it won’t happen again. Of course this means that there would need to be serious consequences. The pyramid scheme would need to go and those responsible would need to be held accountable.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that currently Apple Inc. has more cash than the United States of America (!) ( (software) patents and traditional copyright have brought us here. Yet it is also no coincidence that right now software patents as well as copyright are finally being investigated and changed by those in charge: UK to legalize private copying of CDs ( (“Britain will signal on Wednesday that it intends to legalize copying of CDs or DVDs onto digital music players or computers for personal use“). Basically this is the beginning of (a long…?) end of traditional copyright! Software patent reform is happening ( as well as mentioned in a previous post.

And while companies like Apple now have started selling hot air over the internet (“cloud services”) they forget to mention that where there are clouds there will be rain. Sooner or later.

People like Steve Jobs are like those bankers who also generated their financial “products” out of thin air. Their greed brought our financial system close to collapse while the lobbyists were busy targeting Democracy via ACTA. *)

Today we are only a few steps away from real Corporate Fascism, a system where those who can’t pay shall have no voice. More than one politician made suggestions along that line in recent weeks and months. Shame on you.

So have a nice day, make your bets – faites vos jeux, before the croupier says: “Rien ne vas plus!”

And then…?

I guess the People will let you know when the Day of Glory has arrived, when le Jour de Gloire est arrivé


*) One of many reasons why ACTA is a real, dangerous threat to Democracy: Leaked “ACTA” Lobby Letter Reveals Hollywood Pressure On EU (06.05.11,

A letter sent on behalf of 21 pro-copyright outfits including the Motion Picture Association and IFPI shows how the European Parliament is being urged to sign the controversial ACTA anti-piracy agreement. The backroom lobbying effort document which came into TorrentFreak’s possession, reveals how the organizations ask Parliament not to wait for a response from the European Court of Justice but simply sign “with no further delays.”“ (!!!)

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