Me interpreted by Anna Safary Purath

November 10, 2011

Earlier this year my friend Anna asked me to sit for a painting, part of a series of paintings that she calls “Seelenbilder” (soul images).

So this is not really so much about a physical resemblance but rather about externalising what she sees going on inside those people she paints.

I told her I was going to post the result on my blog, yet I’ve been hesitating to do this for months.

Here is what I like/don’t like about it:

If you don’t know me you might think I’m chubby, wrinkled/old and grumpy. Yet in real life people tend to think I’m much younger than my physical age (which is 40) and for some reason I never had a weight problem, I simply often like to wear a comfortable sweatshirt.

However I know I’m often sort of lost in deep thoughts and my facial expressions are often misinterpreted as being grumpy when I’m really in a good mood but just thinking intensely about something. And this seems to be the kind of moment that Anna choose to paint/externalise. That I like about the painting, that inner state of mind is probably quite truthful.

Still I am a bit shocked about what this seems to make me look like when externalised – flattering it is not.

Yet I believe it is part of an artist’s job to be honest and if this is what my friend Anna sees in me I have to accept it and should post it, even though it might give a wrong impression to some.

But so what!

Me interpreted by Anna Safary Purath.

(Image posted under traditional copyright. Posted with permission by the artist.)

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