“History books will be written about events this months, the story they will tell is up to us.”

December 19, 2010

So I was preparing this blog entry about how Julian Assange was finally granted bail (www.guardian.co.uk), about Reporters without Borders among many others supporting WikiLeaks (en.rsf.org) this week, about the US House Judiciary Committee conclusion (wlcentral.org) “…four argued that Wikileaks is protected by the Constitution, two argued that it should be prosecuted, and witness Stephen Vladeck abstained from making a determination on WikiLeaks” and about the Bank of America that now joined the club of “independent” banking entities that won’t process donations to WikiLeaks (www.kansascity.com) any more while you can always find out how-to donate to WikiLeaks on this page (wikileaks.ch).

But then I saw the following video and even though I am not really that much into rap I think this one summarizes pretty well in pop culture speak what is going on right now and what is at stake…

Much more interesting than what I had prepared!

Rap News 6 – Wikileaks’ Cablegate: the truth is out there (6:23)


Creative Commons license for the video (as shown on the artist’s YouTube page): BY-NC-SA

Artist’s website (thejuicemedia.com) for donations and more. For their lyrics and more (www.reverbnation.com).

The video’s website on YouTube offers an interactive transcript in various languages (click icon bottom right of video).

What follows are the lyrics from http://www.reverbnation.com via saving the whole page as a .html – somehow that widget did not allow me to simply copy/paste the lyrics…:

Rap News 6 – Cablegate: The truth is out there
Lyrics by Hugo Farrant & Giordano Nanni

Good morning, this is a Juice News call out
in the wake of Cable Gate and the subsequent fall-out
balls out revelations, observations of diplomats
giving actual confirmation of hidden facts

spilling backroom deals, leaking leaders’ chit chat
money laundering and tit for tat spits and spats:
The picture that emerges, provided by the servers
shines light further behind the wire curtain

Certainly this has divided views of the populace
Some say it’s obvious, ‘nothing new in these documents’
Others say it’s ominous, and applaud the revelations
Others still call for the messenger’s assassination

Following Assange’s arrest and calls for his head,
over nine 9000 counterattacks on all of the web,
the state department being forced to defend
spying at the UN and a secret war in Yemen

Despite DDOS attacks on Wikileaks’ system
Day by day cables still spray through mirror reflection
Will cable-gate change the game or lead to repression?
We get face-to-face with Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, how does it feel to get leaked on?
It’s scandalous, this is a case of high treason
It’s against the land of the brave and divine freedom –
We’re the good guys, for democracy, we fight evil

And we’ve waged peace around the world, proud of the flag
These leaks could devalue this powerful brand
Bring military operations straight to a halt
Our shareholders, clients and partners would plainly revolt

But, aren’t you beholden to the American Public?
And isn’t the US one of the primary culprits,
In overthrowing governments?
Such as? Chile, Iran, Nicaragua?
Please, stop with the drama!

The American People are our employees
whose taxes fund the wars that support our schemes
their kids become troops we send overseas
in return for mega malls and the American dream

And if our client states don’t like the things that we do
we install a dictator with a CIA coup
in foreign relations, subversion is the method we use
Wikileaks threaten this system so it’s a terrorist group

But the people of the world seem to generally approve
of Wikileaks’ actions in spilling the truth…
They do? Well, then, they’re terrorists too!
dissentors are traitors, as history proves

And they always lose. That’s curious,
weren’t some of our greatest heroes persecuted for this
reason. Who? Mandela, Gandhi, …Jesus
Ahhh… you idealists.

Now for a different perspective, Prison-Planet host,
Alex Jones. Sheeple, heed the megaphone,
This Assange has apparently shown
The emperor on the palace throne grabbing at clothes

But I’ve heard anecdotes, I’ll show it fits
This Patsy’s a triple agent for the globalists
He claims openness, but he’s actually a catalyst
For the one world government of commie nazi fascists

Robert, I’m getting paranoid, I need to state
This is a false flag to bring in a police state
A cyber 9-11, that’s the secret vision
Right now they’re de-briefing Julian in a British prison

So Wikileaks is an inside job? They hide the thruth
To distract from the climate deal in Cancun
You try and do my job without hiding something
I ain’t called the SECRETary of State for nothing.

But surely, now the leaks are exposed out on the stage
You’d expect the world’s leaders to be outraged
By the spying, lies, emerging charges
Now on the line it’s Colonel Gadaffi

Asalamalekum. Alekumasalam,
Are you outraged? Well, now that there’s a muslim
Brother President of US, we expected secrets
to be kept, but now we have to keep abreast

Of these.. huge… security leaks.
Obama must get firm grip on Wiki-tits
Er.. ok, how about you Mr Berlusconi, will
your reputation fall more in this pandemonium?

Ma Roberto! Gli italiani mi amano come bambini
E glielo metto in culo come Mussolini
The American flag is symbol global of liberty
And I love Hillary… though she’s a bit too old for me

By the way, Robert, how much for your news show?
I pay cash — I just got some Rubles
Sorry, Silvio, we have scruples, it’s not for sale
Va bo, Hillary, come have a cigar at the hotel

Well, Hillary it appears that the leaders
Are not that outraged. Ha! Are you serious?
Of course not. We’re one happy family tree, son
As you’ll see soon when we hang  Assange for treason

Treason? could an Australian ever stand trial?
Ha! Australia’s in the American Empire!
We have puppet states, franchisees, subsidiaries,
Provided they obey, they’re guaranteed liberty

We’re not letting Assange get out of our grip
You know how hard it was to plant a condom that split?
Hill, ya turd, your Bilderberg lies are blatant
But, Alex, where’s your evidence that Assange is an agent?

Well, obviously this is a globalist psi-ops plot designed to keep us in the dark

They’re climbin in your windows
They’re snatchin your income tax
tryna enslave you so y’all need to
hide your kids, hide your wife
buy a gun , buy a knife
watch my show, buy your gold
and buy your silver
cuz they enslavin errbody out here
We don’t have to look for no facts
we know this is true …
they gon chip you
they gon tag you
but we can run and yell that,
run and yell that
run and yell that! New World
New world order!

We got his IP
he done left data discs and all
he is so done
he is really going, on trial
But what is Assange accused of?
I was molested by Julian in the Stokholm

So done, so done, so done, so

Ok, It’s almost time to end for the day
But until we meet again, a few questions remain
Is Wikileaks really the greatest threat that we face?
Or is it the response we are seeing in defense of the state?

A response which is building and seeks
To turn back the clock on freedom of speech
And fundamental rights earned over a century
This should ring alarm bells for all who know their history

From this evidence, are we neglecting our memory
And repeating the trajectory of the twentieth century?
And if so, upon seeing the facts
But ceasing to act, don’t we deserve the leaders we have?

What needs to befall before we open the door
and yell “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”?
Or shall we sit waiting for messiahs or aliens,
Or a super-hero, if they’re not all one and the same meme?

History, dear viewers, is happening
Will we ever get a similar chance again?
History books will be written about events this month
The story they will tell — is up to us

Save free web video incl. my own movie “Vincent”: vote with your browsers (dump all your Apple/MS browsers!)

May 16, 2010

If the MPEG-LA, the patent pool behind H.264 and MPEG-2, has it their way I am an endangered species: “Vincent“, being 44 min. long would not qualify for the MPEG-LA’s “free” offer, latest after 2015 and there is no way that I (or someone else) will be paying protection money to a fucking patent pool for “Vincent”.

My work would simply not be available online any more (thanks to software patents no alternative). Welcome to the age of Corporate Fascism. It’s standing at your and my front door. But you can still act now:

* vote with your browser: since Apple and Microsoft – both H.264 patent holders – are pushing for H.264 as the future web standard for video: simply dump your Apple/MS browsers now and use Firefox, Chrome or Opera. If not: you might be paying for the rest of your life with more ads (yes, H.264 is “free” for the end user…).

* let others know what is at stake here: those people would like to/are about to establish a MONOPOLY ON THE MOVING IMAGE (lock-in via video codec) – a pretty scary systemic change:

Why Our Civilization’s Video Art and Culture is Threatened by the MPEG-LA

And for all my younger – and not so young – readers: if this was a Harry Potter movie Dumbledore would say:

“Dark times lay ahead, Harry. Soon we’ll all have to choose between what is right — and what is easy.”

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

September 4, 2008

Michael Wesch (Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us), teaching Digital Ethnography @ Kansas State University, talks about viral videos, YouTube and its complex community – recommended for everyone interested in online video history/communities and the deeper connections that exist beyond viewing numbers and market shares…

“presented at the Library of Congress, June 23rd 2008. This was tons of fun to present. I decided to forgo the PowerPoint and instead worked with students to prepare over 40 minutes of video for the 55 minute presentation. This is the result.”

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