“Copying Is Not Theft” (2009). And Software Patents = Organised Stealing (e.g. Apple and h.264).

May 19, 2011

Copying Is Not Theft – Official Version (1:00)

Creative Commons license: BY-SA 3.0

Video’s page (questioncopyright.org)

Copying Is Not Theft

Show this to your kids, pupils and everyone you can think of and educate them about the merits of a free (digital) copy!

And someone show this to all those RIAA lawyers that “Hope” Obama brought to his government:

Obama Taps 5th RIAA Lawyer to Justice Dept. (www.wired.com, 13.04.09)

Obama, Keep Filling Administration with RIAA Insiders (www.wired.com, 21.04.09)

Obama Nominates RIAA Lawyer for Solicitor General (www.wired.com, 24.01.11)

And someone show this to Obama’s choice for the vice president, Joe Biden, who not only famously said:

Biden to file sharers: ‘Piracy is theft’ (news.cnet.com, 22.06.10)

but went on displaying his competence and wisdom when he commented on Julian Assange in late 2010:

Julian Assange like a hi-tech terrorist, says Joe Biden (www.guardian.co.uk, 19.12.10)

and then while the People were out on the streets of Egypt:

Joe Biden says Mubarak isn’t a dictator, questions legitimacy of protesters’ demands (boingboing.net, 28.01.11)

Software Patents = Organised Theft

You see the same people that still want to uphold traditional copyright are of course also the ones that keep supporting the patent trolls and thieves:

Obama cites Steve Jobs’ wealth, product success (news.cnet.com, 22.12.10)

To all you Corporate Fascists, to all copyright thieves and patent trolls, to all the abusers, to the Joe Bidens, the Steve Jobs and the Bill Gates of this world (and their patent troll Moloch organisation MPEG-LA that steals everyones h.264 video footage *), h.264 still being used in every Apple smart phone as we speak while the first Android phones using the open-source WebM/VP8 codec are coming out right now), to all you greedy thieves:

I turned 40 earlier this year and I believe I now have seen enough crap and need to clearly warn the generations coming after me! You know those who may or may not vote for you at the next election and opt for the Pirate Party instead, or those who may stop buying your products because they realise you simply screw them wherever you can (would you trust a company with non-linear video editing that at the same time holds patents on a video codec that you (may need to!) use and that you need to pay licensing fees for every time you use your own work commercially…?!).

To all you rich, disgusting, organised thieves:


*) See also: Web Video Rivalry Sparks U.S. Probe (online.wsj.com, 04.03.11): this is basically about the MPEG-LA finally being investigated for their abusive comments (see also what Steve Jobs had to say) made after Google’s free and open-source WebM (VP8) codec was announced a year ago!

Fuck Sony Entertainment

August 29, 2010

For those not speaking German: the artist was angry when he could not watch a particular clip on YouTube because it “contains content from Sony Music Entertainment” and is “no longer available in your country”.

Fuck Sony Entertainment (sidsong.blog.de) by YouTube user KeinInterpret

Ich wollte gestern morgen gern
am G
ein Lied von Rio Reiser hörn,
C em D
auf Youtube, wo sonst all seine Musik war, doch da hieß es:
„Dieses Video enthält Content
von Sony Music Entertainment.
am em D
Es ist in deinem Land nicht mehr verfügbar.“

Was würde Rio sagen
zu dem was Sony da tut?
Was würde Rio sagen?
Fände er das gut?
D D7
Ich weiß es nicht, aber ich sage:

G G/Fis em
„Fuck Sony Entertainment
für all die Videos die sie sperr’n!
Anwälte im Abmahnwahn
sind Wichser vor dem Herrn!
G G/Fis em
Ich scheiß auf euern Content
ich kauf bei euch nix mehr ein!
Fuck Sony Entertainment
und EMI obendrein!“

Ich seh das nicht zum ersten Mal
und am Anfang war’s mir fast egal,
doch langsam aber sicher packt mich echt der Hass.
Die sperren in Deutschland Stücke von
Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison,
aber grad bei Rio finde ich das besonders krass!
Denn was würde Rio sagen?
Was hätte er gedacht?
Was würde Rio sagen
zu dem was Sony da macht?
Ich weiß es nicht, aber ich denke, irgendwie sowas wie

„Fuck Sony Entertainment
für eure Scheiß-Zensur!
Was Ihr euch davon versprecht
versteh ich nicht die Spur!
Ich komm zurück als Zombie,
das lässt mir keine Ruh!
Fuck Sony Entertainment
und Warner noch dazu!“

hm em
Ich finde, Rio ist für alle da
doch scheinbar zählt ja nur
deren Recht auf Umsatz
am G
und nicht unser Recht auf Kultur

Kein Pandora oder Spotify,
nein, in Deutschland geht das nicht.
Weil man ja hierzulande
mit streaming Gesetze bricht!

und wofür soll das gut sein?
Das ist es, was ich nicht versteh …
Denken die, wenn ich das auf Youtube nicht seh
renn ich los und kauf die DVD?

Das mach ich nicht, sondern ich sage:

„Fuck Sony Entertainment!
Fickt die großen Vier!
Die Plattenmultis, die ich hier
von jetzt an boykottier.
Ich zahl euch keinen müden Cent –
ich klaue, was ich brauch!
Fuck Sony Entertainment
und Universal auch!
Ich scheiß auf euern Content
ich kauf bei euch nix mehr ein!
Fuck Sony Entertainment
und EMI und Warner und Universal (und die Gema) obendrein!“


Making music videos, loosing them and the consequences

March 26, 2010

I just learned a very old lesson the hard way and want to share this experience with my readers.

Yesterday I had to take my Notic Nastic “Sleep Tight Live Clip” offline.

The act is now a member of their local equivalent to the American RIAA.

I did not have a written agreement with the act, making the video was not a money deal for me, we simply granted each other the right to show our works online.

I was 100% sure we would do the paper work once it actually matters, e.g. before a record deal and as in this case before the act would sign up with their RIAA-like organisation. But that just did not happen. I only heard about the news after the fact.

Of course the act still has use for their song without my video, but I have no use for my video clip without their music. From a business perspective this is a lost investment.

On a personal level I lost much more than that.

Where I am today with this blog, what this all means to me and the consequences

This really is a rather small blog, about 1000 (unique?) visitors/month, sometimes a couple of hundred more, sometimes less. Yet I know via the links clicks/search results I get that I am at least reaching some of those people that I want to reach. For example about two years ago, to my great surprise and joy, I got linked by an indie friendly Hollywood editor/teacher/writer. Of course I immediately returned the favour in my blog roll and we still link each other to this day. I know that there are people out there who (try to) survive in the film/media business without simply using others or seeing all of this simply as a money printing exercise. But we probably are a minority.

What I do with this blog and all my previous online projects (moderator at Ourmedia, digital_kevin’s blog, writing for the P2P foundation Wiki or my Blender VSE/2D title presets) is probably what you would call “grassroots” work. I have a long term plan for all of this and I can be very patient if necessary.

Being in my late 30’s it’s now twenty years ago that I decided to go the indie way and I made a lot of sacrifices for that on the way. More than once I traded so called career opportunities for creative freedom and my good conscience. Sometimes it’s a very, very high prize to pay, yet I definitely do not regret one single time I did it.

Now there is another moment like that in my life – the Notic Nastic video clip is not the only one I lost within just six months. I had another project, another act, a completely different kind of clip, a combination of remix video and 3d. The plan was to enter the video to the Blender Suzanne Award last October. Weeks before the deadline it turned out that the artists actually did not have the last say when it comes to using their own music – this act was a member of AKM (the Austrian equivalent to the American RIAA) and they simply said “no (exceptions)”.

Again this really was all my mistake, I did not have anything in written form (yet), had already invested months of work and the project died very painfully after my failed attempt to produce an alternative music track while still trying to finish the video in time for the deadline.

I can imagine how naive that might all sound to some, yet when you are a one man studio, totally plunged into your work, simply full in love with your latest and most beautiful baby, these things actually can happen, at least to me.

Since I am currently busy with other projects those were my only two (online) video projects I did in 2009. With the Notic Nastic clip gone I now have zero projects to show for that year.

While all deeply frustrating I am somehow glad this all happened now, while I am still preparing to launch a video/clip related business. (It’s done when it’s done, I’ll write about it once things are there.)

For me the consequences are:

When it comes to music videos I will exclusively be available for acts that are not a member of any organisation like AKM, GEMA, BPI, RIAA etc. And I mean it. Even if Madonna was going to ask me to do a video for her (she most probably won’t), my first question would be if the song was an RIAA free track. If the answer was “no” my answer would be “I’d love to do it, but I can not afford it artistically – I would not be allowed to show my own video on my blog without (someone) having to pay for it.” As an artist I simply find this unacceptable.

Some roads are harder to walk than others and I think I have never felt used so much as right now with the lost Notic Nastic clip. It might have only been a 1′ 14” clip, yet for me personally this still was my latest and most beautiful baby, edited with lots of love while using an open-source editing solution, working on an open-source operating system, promoting the video on an open-source powered blog, working with an indie act that had no record deal but a lot of talent and then even making it to BlenderArt Magazine with the “Editing with Blender, Ubuntu: Screenshots, workflow from my Notic Nastic live clip” blog entry. The clip so far also was my most radical attempt at further exploring an (experimental) jump-cut and anti-continuity editing style that is wild yet still looks smooth and sexy.

Some roads are harder to walk than others and I will always keep choosing the ones that I feel are right and true to my art.

You can’t buy me and if you use me I will not accept it and will let others know.

Hardly a day goes by where I don’t see yet another good reason for making my cross at the next general elections next to that new candidate called “Pirate Party”.

This system needs to be changed. I won’t shut up. Not me.

Ever heard that old saying that “the RIAA eats your babies”…? I’m pretty sure now that this is actually true.

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