The Bitch is Back: 100% free LimeWire Pirate Edition with Pro features is here

November 9, 2010

Thanks to the generous, yearlong legal efforts of everyone’s much loved RIAA, a secret Dev Team just released the LimeWire Pirate Edition (LPE) two weeks after legal inconveniences temporarily sent one of the pioneers of P2P clients on a short holiday in order to get a face lift, blood transfusion and much more:

LimeWire Resurrected By Secret Dev Team (

It is based on LimeWire 5.6 beta and “in many ways, it is better”: “All dependencies on LimeWire LLC’s servers have been removed, all remote settings have been disabled, the Ask toolbar has been unbundled, and all features of LimeWire PRO have been activated for free.” “There’s no adware or spyware: the piratical monkeys are doing this for the benefit of the community.”

TorrentFreak’s verdict so far: “Currently only available for Windows, in our tests LimeWire Pirate Edition functioned perfectly well and is already circulating on BitTorrent.”

While I personally neither use Windows nor have use for this (see here for why) I believe it is a good thing to have yet one more P2P client available for those who need it!

As others have said before: cut off one of the hydra’s heads and two new ones will grow. Now there is not even a company behind this software that the nice gentlemen from the MAFIAA might be able to talk to.

Life finds its way. All for one, and one for all. The bitch is back.

vivaldi rock

June 15, 2008

vivaldi rock is a 3d visual music video (4:13)

made with blender

download (“save as”):

h.264/mpeg-4 – tested in quicktime and the free and open-source vlc

(640 x 480): high res (212 mb) – medium res (115 mb)

(320 x 240): small low res (55 mb)


watch (flash video on

*** note that the current flash video conversion is not optimal for this video. until a solution is found downloading of at least the medium res (115 mb) version is recommended for an optimal viewing experience when watching the video (full screen) – thank you! ***

published under a creative commons by-nc-sa license

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