What we need is more Ron Pauls: “Let the eyes of vigilance never be closed.”

December 11, 2010

I never quite understood why Ron Paul is a Republican, but being from Europe I also never understood why the US can be so proud of its Democracy when there are basically only two parties…

Here is US Congressman Ron Paul saying what should seem obvious to anyone with a clear mind when looking at the facts around the latest WikiLeaks revelations. Ron Paul asks questions and I believe he asks the right ones. Questions are always more powerful than answers and he knows it.

Ron Paul recently also said: ‘What we need is more WikiLeaks’ (www.rawstory.com)

Politics in a pre-WikiLeaks aera mainly seemed to be about spitting out insulting sound bites towards the political enemy. And so it came that politicians and governments all over the world not only have become whores to lobbyist and big money, but also to that important Fourth Estate (en.wikipedia.org).

Ron Paul is one of those rare politicians, be it on the left or right of the political spectrum, who is not caught up in a narrow-minded ideology and some -ism, but simply analyses with sanity, asks questions and speaks his own mind.

We not only need more WikiLeaks, we also need more Ron Pauls.

Lying is Not Patriotic (5:23)

Berlin votes for online censorship: Jugend-beschmutz-fuck-new-media-Vertrag (“JMStV”)

December 10, 2010

netzpolitik.org reports that the very controversial JMStV (Jugendmedienschutzstaatsvertrag) has been approved by Berlin’s House of Representatives. It’s not all over yet, other local governments still need to vote on the JMStV. It can still be derailed if only one other local governments decides against it.

To those few – on all parts of the political spectrum – who yesterday voted against the JMStV because you care about free speech and your good conscience means more to you than “parlamentarische Zwänge” (“parliamentary necessity”): I raise my virtual hat to you!

To all those who voted against it simply for tactical reasons and to all those who voted for it simply for tactical reasons (while you actually would have liked to vote against it but felt you could not because of the “parlamentarische Zwänge”) I say: you’ve proven yourself an unworthy representative of the people. May another generation forgive you your weakness. I can’t.

I believe it is now fair to say that the majority of the delegates of the city of Berlin:

* may be to weak to vote according to their conscience or

* may be uninformed/incompetent in regards to new media and internet or

* may have been corrupted by lobbyists.

This is a very sad outcome for the capital of Germany!

All bloggers, (online) artists, new media producers, filmmakers and investors take note of this. Serious and very dangerous online censorship in Germany is now one step closer!

Here one comment from the netzpolitik.org article linked above:

“Wer hat uns verraten? Sozialdemokraten

Wer war mit dabei? Die Linkspartei.

Wer verrät uns eh? Die FDP.

Wahlen boykottieren!”

For me this is another very good reason to only vote Pirate Party in all future elections!

No politician who voted for – or against – the JMStV and who did not vote according to his or her good conscience after thoroughly listening to the experts *)

* is in a position to ever lament again over a low turnout at any future election

* should be surprised about (political) radicalisation of young people

* and in the case of Berlin should not be surprised at all about new media artists now possibly leaving this wonderful city and moving on to another country where there is political sanity and understanding for online media.

You have utterly failed. Shame on you!

*) see:

Gesellschaft für Informatik und SIBB e. V. fordern Stopp des JMStV! (2. Update) (www.netzpolitik.org)

Schützt endlich unsere Kinder! Katholische Junge Gemeinde fordert Stopp des JMStV – “Echter Jugendmedienschutz geht anders” (www.netzpolitik.org)

Amazon stops hosting WikiLeaks: I stop buying at Amazon. Boycott them now! WikiLeaks links.

December 2, 2010

Boycott Amazon now!

In the Land of the Fee free speech is no longer welcome:

WikiLeaks website pulled by Amazon after US political pressure (www.guardian.co.uk), Sen. Joe Lieberman: Amazon Has Pulled Hosting Services For WikiLeaks (techcrunch.com) and WikiLeaks website kicked off Amazon’s servers (finance.yahoo.com)

That’s it for Amazon for me then. I was just about to order a whole bunch of DVDs and I do like the idea of voting with my wallet. Boycott Amazon now!

WikiLeaks is the best thing that could have happened to this crazy world we live in. I can’t express with words how grateful I am for the courage of all those making this possible. Finally some sanity.

Being a 100% Atheist I usually don’t quote from that particular book, but this is a good one: “The truth shall set you free”

WikiLeaks links

The US embassy cables + News (www.guardian.co.uk) and News blog: see daily WikiLeaks US embassy cables: live updates (www.guardian.co.uk)

Documents WikiLeaks (www.lemonde.fr)

Los papeles del departamento de estado (www.elpais.com)

State’s Secrets (www.nytimes.com)

Die Botschaftsdepeschen (www.spiegel.de)


WikiLeaks website (wikileaks.org) and Cable Viewer (cablegate.wikileaks.org) and for donations: WikiLeaks Support (wikileaks.org)

Update 7:

WikiLeaks – Mirrors of our website (wikileaks.ch)

Update 6:

See also WikiLeaks address finder (savewikileaks.net)

Update 5:

WikiLeaks website: http://wikileaks.ch/ or http://wikileaks.de/ or http://wikileaks.fi/ or http://wikileaks.nl/ or or

WikiLeaks on Twitter (twitter.com/wikileaks)

WL Central (wlcentral.org)

Source WikiLeaks logo

Update 1: See also Assange lawyer speaks for more about those “rape charches”… (www.crikey.com.au) and No, Wikileaks’s Julian Assange isn’t accused of rape “Assange is being prosecuted for having sex without a condom…” (!!!) (liberalconspiracy.org)

Update 2: As always my favourite news source for breaking news, also one of the best ones for a quick overview of all new important WikiLeaks is BBC News as well as their Wikileaks revelations (www.bbc.co.uk)

Update 3:

Cyber attack forces Wikileaks to change web address (www.bbc.co.uk)

WikiLeaks web address killed after week of attacks (www.guardian.co.uk)

Lieberman Introduces Anti-WikiLeaks Legislation (www.wired.com)

WikiLeaks.org killed – discussion on reddit (www.reddit.com)

Wikileaks Mirrors (wikileaks.info)

Update 4:

France seeks to bar hosting WikiLeaks website (www.reuters.com)

Troubled Wikileaks Moves To Pirate Party Domain (torrentfreak.com)

WikiLeaks and other alternative news links

November 28, 2010

Why WikiLeaks matters

WikiLeaks is expected to release a substantial number of documents that seem to make the US pretty nervous: “Reports say Turkey, Israel, Denmark and Norway have also been warned to expect potential embarrassment from the leaks.” (www.bbc.co.uk)

I think it’s only fair that some politicians should feel really embarrassed: the Irak War was started, as most wars, under a pretext, there was, as always with wars, a higher good that needed to be defended, yet many people already knew at the time that it was really only about oil and influence in the region.

100 000s of people paid with their lives (en.wikipedia.org) for the greed, cowardice and incompetence of those in charge. The truth must be known. That’s the least we can do now.

I also feel that there is some real justice about to be done by these leaks: governments all over the world ignore their people’s calls for more (online) privacy and have simply become whores to big money/lobbyists: RIAA, MPAA (today better know as MAFIAA) or TSA porn scanners are just a few of the more recent and better known examples.

While the actual context is a bit different, I just need to quote again from that new Harry Potter movie when thinking of WikiLeaks: “You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide” Right…? Right…? I guess this is a bit like Operation Payback (torrentfreak.com) only bigger. Go WikiLeaks!

WikiLeaks links

WikiLeaks on Twitter (twitter.com/wikileaks)

WikiLeaks website (wikileaks.org)

Update 5:

WikiLeaks – Mirrors of our website (wikileaks.ch)

OWNI, Digital Journalism, is liveblogging about the events unfolding! (owni.fr)

Update 1, 28.11.10, 18:06:

WikiLeaks on Twitter:

“We are currently under a mass distributed denial of service attack.”


“El Pais, Le Monde, Speigel, Guardian & NYT will publish many US embassy cables tonight, even if WikiLeaks goes down”

davidleigh3 on Twitter: “The #guardian will publish US embassy #cables tonight, even if #wikileaks goes down”

Some other alternative news links

It’s always interesting to check out some more alternative/specialised news sites. Not only in context of the upcoming leak:

NachDenkSeiten – Die kritische Website: a critical look at (mostly but not only) German politics. (www.nachdenkseiten.de)

heise online is the alternative German tech news site. As with so many sites this is one where I just skim the articles and mostly read the user’s comments! (www.heise.de)

Fefes Blog, in German and from Berlin, is about not so well known or perceived events/facts. Recommended for news/trend hunters and critical, open-minded people. Not only, but also focus on Germany. (blog.fefe.de)

Slashdot is of course “News for nerds, stuff that matters”, a classic, tech news and more, it’s all about the discussions to those articles… (slashdot.org)

OSNews is “Exploring the Future of Computing“, this is the site that earlier this year had that MPEG-LA/H.264 story. (www.osnews.com)

TorrentFreak is about the People vs. The MAFIAA and more, in addition to the articles I also recommend reading some of those many comments. (torrentfreak.com)

Democracy Now: alternative world news from the US. (www.democracynow.org)

Update 3-4:

netzpolitik.org: in German, web, media, politics and more (www.netzpolitik.org)

TELEPOLIS: in German, politics, culture, media and more, sister site from heise online (www.heise.de/tp/)

Der Schockwellenreiter: in German, web, politics, media and more (www.schockwellenreiter.de)

Update 2:

Just one mainstreamish news link: one of the best and most comprehensive all in one news sites I know, with a wonderful layout in traditional newspaper style with columns (good to read), also has links to the most important major news sites/publications on the left hand sidebar:

Arts & Letters Daily – ideas, criticism, debate

OWNI est un groupe de médias français et européen, ainsi qu’un “thinktank” à ciel ouvert, au sein duquel collaborent 20 éditeurs et journalistes permanents, plus de 600 blogueurs, des développeurs, des designers, des entrepreneurs, des étudiants et des chercheurs.

Short about the financial lobby: “Unter Freunden”, related links

November 14, 2010

“Unter Freunden” is a short by WEED (www.weed-online.org) (Weltwirtschaft, Okologie und Entwicklung) about the intentions of the financial lobby/politics.

It’s in German with no subtitles: basically you have the Maker (politician), the Tactician (banker/lobbyist) and the Seller (finance fund industry/lobbyist). The Maker talks on TV and urges not to “question the whole financial system” just because there is a crisis… Then we are in a room where the Tactician and the Seller talk to the Maker and seem to tell him that banks etc. should be paying for the financial crisis and so on. The Maker is confused… In the end it turns out that the Tactician and the Seller were only joking, pulling the Maker’s leg…

I guess if you are Irish you would not know whether to laugh or cry when seeing this… Ireland ‘in preliminary talks with EU on bailout’ (www.bbc.co.uk)

Also in German but related: Neue Impulse (www.neueimpulse.org), see e.g. their Downloads section for a short about money/the financial system.

If you are currently researching that subject you might also want to check out writer/director G. Edward Griffin (en.wikipedia.org) and his work (“The Creature from Jekyll Island”). I have  neither seen the whole movie yet nor read the book, but from what I’ve seen this should be another mind opener like the previously posted “Zeitgeist: Addendum” by Peter Joseph.

I guess it’s time to wake-up, again… So be sure to know which is the blue and which the red pill. Scary stuff indeed.

CC licensed documentary: “Patent Absurdity – how software patents broke the system” (2010, 29 min.)

May 21, 2010

Watch online or download

About the movie (patentabsurdity.com)

CC licence: by-nd/3.0

(if you need it: VLC)

Software patents have almost arrived in Germany

May 20, 2010

FOSS patents reports that the German high court declares all software potentially patentable (19.05.10, fosspatents.blogspot.com)

“After a landmark court ruling, the German perspective on the validity of software patents is now closer than ever to that of the US.”

When looking at the financial situation in Europe we should ask ourselves if we can afford these dangerous kind of situations. The H.264 licensing fiasco will probably go on for a while and might cost some (Apple…?) more than they would like to.

Update 1: Bundesgerichtshof ebnet Weg für Softwarepatente and BGH-Urteil zu Softwarepatenten stößt auf viel Kritik (www.heise.de)

Now what if political instability (due to the financial situation in Europe) is the next thing…? If my to be founded company will suffer in the future thanks to this (I live in Germany) I will remember that it were Microsoft’s FAT patents that brought us to this. Will those people ever learn? Will they ever be held responsible for their greed? This is the second time within a few weeks that Microsoft’s actions/patents are potentially threatening my future as an independent artist/filmmaker (first the H.264 licensing fiasco and now this).

Update 2: The discussion on Slashdot German High Court Declares All Software Patentable (yro.slashdot.org)

Entry for this particular patent, Xa ZB 20/08 (a Siemens patent), in the End Software Patents Wiki (en.swpat.org)

The part that worries me: (from the second http://www.heise.de article above)

“So gehen sie etwa bei der “Verbesserung des Kontrastes” eines Bilds oder bei der effizienteren Aufteilung von Arbeitsspeicher durch eine auf einem Computer laufende Software von einem “technischen Effekt” aus, der schutzwürdig sein könne.”

In short this basically says that enhancing the contrast of an image might be “a technical effect” that could be patentable…

Seems like an invitation to patent trolls, maybe from the video codec department…? At least we’ll have a very public discussion about why one would (not) want to use an H.264 camera…!

From a comment on http://www.heise.de (user B-E-N):

“Er hat, was es Computersoftware betrifft, ein
Urteil im Sinne von “Alles unter der Sonne ist patentierbar”
getroffen. Damit sind wir selbstständigen Softwareentwickler und
kleinen Firmen im Abmahnland Deutschland juristisch gesehen tot,
beziehungsweise alle mit einem Bein im Knast. Der gesamte Kampf um
die Softwarepatente in Europa ging gestern für das größte und
wirtschaftlich bedeutendste Land der Union verloren.”

The user basically says that now “anything under the sun” could be patented, de facto a legal disaster for all small shops/software developers.

On a personal level this is just extremely disappointing, and having followed patent troll cases on Slashdot for the last ten years or so I now also have to consider the options of:

* leaving the country

* going back to analogue film/video


* changing profession and

* becoming an atheist monk in the Himalayas

Well done ladies and gentlemen from all those institutions/companies/corporations in this world that hold patents on software, well done!

You made my day.

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