Who owns your H.264 footage…?

May 2, 2010

For the last couple of days I already had a bad feeling about my new camera that does 1280×720 H.264 encoded video @ 30 fps – I was thinking about patents, H.264 while shooting footage that I was planning to use for a (possible commercial) project…

This here is an eye opener and will make you think twice about ever wanting to use H.264 again, anywhere in the production or post-production process:

Why Our Civilization’s Video Art and Culture is Threatened by the MPEG-LA (www.osnews.com)

You may not know it, but one day you might find out, that you’ll have to pay licensing fees for your own (H.264 recorded) footage that you shot with the camera that you bought with your own money!

Some business models, as it seems, are more successful than others – and there is one for the music, one for moving images (lock-in via codec) and another one on top of that, just to make sure that it all works out:


Do you own your own footage…?

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