WikiRebels – The Documentary

December 12, 2010

This is a pretty good documentary by Swedish TV station svt about those (who used to be) behind WikiLeaks and why they do what they do.

There is some war footage in there (the one previously released) that is disturbing. But so is war.

Recommended viewing.

WikiRebels – The Documentary (2010), 57:25

Video’s page (

Infowar: Julian Assange refused bail. WikiLeaks keeps publishing. Anonymous on the move.

December 7, 2010

Julian Assange refused bail

One seriously wonders why but:

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange refused bail (

This of course will not stop WikiLeaks:

WikiLeaks to keep releasing cables despite Assange arrest (

The Guarding quotes in the WikiLeaks US embassy cables: live updates ( US defence secretary Robert Gates:

“Speaking to reporters on a visit to US troops in Afghanistan, Gates smirked on hearing the news. “I hadn’t heard that, but that sounds like good news to me,” he said.”

Since Julian Assange is simply supposed to clear his good name in front of a Swedish court one can only assume that the US defence secretary was glad that this matter can now be cleared up… Right…? Right…?

See also Justice for Assange (

Consumers, Freedom of Speech and Internet-Vietnam

After Amazon, EveryDNS, Tableau Software, PayPal, Switzerland’s PostFinance and Mastercard now Visa joins the club of “independent” entities that consumers who care about free speech will want to investigate for their business practices and may want to avoid in the future:

Wikileaks’ Visa payments suspended (

For how-to donate to WikiLeaks see WikiLeaks – Support (

*** *** ***

Update 2:

The shit hits the fan now…

WikiLeaks cables: US ‘lobbied Russia on behalf of Visa and MasterCard’ “US diplomats intervened to try to amend draft law so that it would not ‘disadvantage’ US credit card firms, cable says” (

The actual cable in the Guardian: US embassy cables: Revealed: US secret operation to help Visa and Mastercard (

Also: PayPal admits US pressure over WikiLeaks account freeze (

*** *** ***

The Austrian Green Party wants to set up an association, Freiheit, and a capital company, Freiheit GmbH, for supporting the freedom of the press on the net. In regards to the ongoing infowar:

Pilz: “Das wird das Internet-Vietnam für die USA” / Pilz: “This will be the Internet-Vietnam for the US” (

Recommended reading: Julian Assange in The Australian today. Don’t shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths ( and `The truth will always win’ – Julian Assange writes (

And of course for a good overview to all new WikiLeaks and the latest related news see: The US embassy cables + News ( or BBC News – Wikileaks revelations (

It’s most interesting to see which (online) newspaper brings which WikiLeaks (and related) story

This is where you can see where everyone stands. This is where you can see whom you can trust.

Anonymous, Operation Payback and a possible candidate for a viral video

Meanwhile Anonymous ( is on the move:

Wikileaks defended by hacktivists (

This is their latest video, total views on YouTube are rising fast for this one at the moment…

Operation Payback – Anonymous Message About ACTA Laws, Internet Censorship and Copyright (1:50)

Update 1:

It’s a bit hard to catch everything that’s being said in the V.O., so here is the text from the video’s YouTube page (click those arrows under the total views number to see it):

“Corrupt governments of the world, we are anonymous. For some time now, voices have been crying out in unison against the new ACTA laws. The gross inadequacies of the new laws being passed internationally have been pointed out repeatedly. Our chief complaint is that such measures would restrict people’s access to the internet.

In these modern times access to the internet is fast becoming a basic human right. Just like any other basic human right, we believe that it is wrong to infringe upon it. To threaten to cut people off from the global consciousness as you have is criminal and abhorrent. To move to censor content on the internet based on your own prejudice is at best laughably impossible, at worst, morally reprehensible.

The unjust restrictions you impose on us will meet with disaster and only strengthen our resolve to disobey and rebel against your tyranny. Such actions taken against you, and those you out source your malignant litigation too, are inevitable, unavoidable and unstoppable.

We Are Anonymous,

We Are Legion And Divided By Zero.

We Do Not Forgive Internet Censorship

And We Do Not Forget Free Speech.

We Are Over 9000,

Expect Us!”

Amazon stops hosting WikiLeaks: I stop buying at Amazon. Boycott them now! WikiLeaks links.

December 2, 2010

Boycott Amazon now!

In the Land of the Fee free speech is no longer welcome:

WikiLeaks website pulled by Amazon after US political pressure (, Sen. Joe Lieberman: Amazon Has Pulled Hosting Services For WikiLeaks ( and WikiLeaks website kicked off Amazon’s servers (

That’s it for Amazon for me then. I was just about to order a whole bunch of DVDs and I do like the idea of voting with my wallet. Boycott Amazon now!

WikiLeaks is the best thing that could have happened to this crazy world we live in. I can’t express with words how grateful I am for the courage of all those making this possible. Finally some sanity.

Being a 100% Atheist I usually don’t quote from that particular book, but this is a good one: “The truth shall set you free”

WikiLeaks links

The US embassy cables + News ( and News blog: see daily WikiLeaks US embassy cables: live updates (

Documents WikiLeaks (

Los papeles del departamento de estado (

State’s Secrets (

Die Botschaftsdepeschen (


WikiLeaks website ( and Cable Viewer ( and for donations: WikiLeaks Support (

Update 7:

WikiLeaks – Mirrors of our website (

Update 6:

See also WikiLeaks address finder (

Update 5:

WikiLeaks website: or or or or or

WikiLeaks on Twitter (

WL Central (

Source WikiLeaks logo

Update 1: See also Assange lawyer speaks for more about those “rape charches”… ( and No, Wikileaks’s Julian Assange isn’t accused of rape “Assange is being prosecuted for having sex without a condom…” (!!!) (

Update 2: As always my favourite news source for breaking news, also one of the best ones for a quick overview of all new important WikiLeaks is BBC News as well as their Wikileaks revelations (

Update 3:

Cyber attack forces Wikileaks to change web address (

WikiLeaks web address killed after week of attacks (

Lieberman Introduces Anti-WikiLeaks Legislation ( killed – discussion on reddit (

Wikileaks Mirrors (

Update 4:

France seeks to bar hosting WikiLeaks website (

Troubled Wikileaks Moves To Pirate Party Domain (

WikiLeaks and other alternative news links

November 28, 2010

Why WikiLeaks matters

WikiLeaks is expected to release a substantial number of documents that seem to make the US pretty nervous: “Reports say Turkey, Israel, Denmark and Norway have also been warned to expect potential embarrassment from the leaks.” (

I think it’s only fair that some politicians should feel really embarrassed: the Irak War was started, as most wars, under a pretext, there was, as always with wars, a higher good that needed to be defended, yet many people already knew at the time that it was really only about oil and influence in the region.

100 000s of people paid with their lives ( for the greed, cowardice and incompetence of those in charge. The truth must be known. That’s the least we can do now.

I also feel that there is some real justice about to be done by these leaks: governments all over the world ignore their people’s calls for more (online) privacy and have simply become whores to big money/lobbyists: RIAA, MPAA (today better know as MAFIAA) or TSA porn scanners are just a few of the more recent and better known examples.

While the actual context is a bit different, I just need to quote again from that new Harry Potter movie when thinking of WikiLeaks: “You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide” Right…? Right…? I guess this is a bit like Operation Payback ( only bigger. Go WikiLeaks!

WikiLeaks links

WikiLeaks on Twitter (

WikiLeaks website (

Update 5:

WikiLeaks – Mirrors of our website (

OWNI, Digital Journalism, is liveblogging about the events unfolding! (

Update 1, 28.11.10, 18:06:

WikiLeaks on Twitter:

“We are currently under a mass distributed denial of service attack.”


“El Pais, Le Monde, Speigel, Guardian & NYT will publish many US embassy cables tonight, even if WikiLeaks goes down”

davidleigh3 on Twitter: “The #guardian will publish US embassy #cables tonight, even if #wikileaks goes down”

Some other alternative news links

It’s always interesting to check out some more alternative/specialised news sites. Not only in context of the upcoming leak:

NachDenkSeiten – Die kritische Website: a critical look at (mostly but not only) German politics. (

heise online is the alternative German tech news site. As with so many sites this is one where I just skim the articles and mostly read the user’s comments! (

Fefes Blog, in German and from Berlin, is about not so well known or perceived events/facts. Recommended for news/trend hunters and critical, open-minded people. Not only, but also focus on Germany. (

Slashdot is of course “News for nerds, stuff that matters”, a classic, tech news and more, it’s all about the discussions to those articles… (

OSNews is “Exploring the Future of Computing“, this is the site that earlier this year had that MPEG-LA/H.264 story. (

TorrentFreak is about the People vs. The MAFIAA and more, in addition to the articles I also recommend reading some of those many comments. (

Democracy Now: alternative world news from the US. (

Update 3-4: in German, web, media, politics and more (

TELEPOLIS: in German, politics, culture, media and more, sister site from heise online (

Der Schockwellenreiter: in German, web, politics, media and more (

Update 2:

Just one mainstreamish news link: one of the best and most comprehensive all in one news sites I know, with a wonderful layout in traditional newspaper style with columns (good to read), also has links to the most important major news sites/publications on the left hand sidebar:

Arts & Letters Daily – ideas, criticism, debate

OWNI est un groupe de médias français et européen, ainsi qu’un “thinktank” à ciel ouvert, au sein duquel collaborent 20 éditeurs et journalistes permanents, plus de 600 blogueurs, des développeurs, des designers, des entrepreneurs, des étudiants et des chercheurs.

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