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3 Responses to Contact

  1. ken says:

    Your article on leaving apple is quite insane. I use a PPC G5 PowerMac, and an Intel Macbook Pro with Final Cut Studio, Avid Media Composer and Adobe products, all on both machines under Leopard. Apple has made some fantastic products, and has really shaken up, and brought innovative competition to the post industry. Good luck finding alternatives that work as well under Windows or Linux. And, if Leopard ever gives you trouble, try making Tiger and XP partitions on a Mac while transitioning to Leopard.

    I work as a TV Editor, and have used all this stuff. I know what I’m talking about.. It seems as if you are just angry, and posting generalizations about good products. That is okay, except that I found your article while searching for info on FCP and Avid. You are misleading people.

  2. vsworks says:

    If a Mac works it works really well – the problem is when they don’t work: then you are at the mercy of Apple to get it fixed. And if they can’t fix it…?! I know what I am talking about.

    Sure, FCP works now, but I am looking in the future and Leopard is a deal-breaker for me – I don’t need an OS that could just as well have come from MS. Gone is the ease of use aspect, Leopard was not only a major disappointment for me, but it also rendered my iMac G5 almost useless. I won’t give Apple another chance of doing something like this again.

    I also clearly say in the article that I don’t believe that there is an open-source NLE today that can compete with FCP on a feature by feature basis. But I will make sure that I help where I can so that we all have one within three to five years time – there are some incredible open-source tools out there already… In my view Apple is failing with FCP just like big 3D companies have failed with their products when compared to the open-source blender (3D app).

    Let’s talk again about NLEs and who should own them in a couple of years – here a question for you and everyone who might disagree with me: who should own the tools we are working with? We, the editors, the film makers, the editing community and the open-source developers or companies like Apple whose main interest *is* to maximise their shareholder value…?

  3. reidh beallagh says:

    I think that it doesn’t matter whom is in office, the people against whom you rail, are always in power now. So i don’t vote, and guess what, nothing changes, except maybe things get worse.

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