Special thanks to Paul from the final BUG for hosting the following .blend files:


Last update (both .blends):

15th November 2008 (made with Blender 2.48a)

still only 100% relevant for the current stable classic Blender 2.49x series *)

(Get the old/classic stable Blender 2.49b here.)

*) 13.04.11: Blender 2.57 (all new intuitive interface) released!

Blender: Video Editing Preset *v0.1.1*: Download the .blend

(Now with “More” for “moving beyond the basics”, read the blog post for details.)

Blender: 2D Title Presets *v0.1.1a*: Download the .blend

(Minor addition to: “The simplest way to use this  file”.)


Blender: Video Editing Preset v0.1.1

with Quick Start tutorial

Quick Start shows the very basics needed to quickly get started with the Blender Video Sequence Editor (VSE).

1) Download the Video Editing Preset .blend (Quick Start included)

2) Download Blender (in case you don’t have the latest Blender 2.49)

3) Open the .blend


An interactive tutorial: read (top left) and practise the basics with simple colour strips. – Click the image to see a larger version.

Here another screenshot, the windows have been specially arranged for this one so that you can see more of the actual Quick Start tutorial text:


Learn the basics: Navigation – Shorten/Extend – Moving A Clip – Snapping – Cut – Delete (including: selecting, dropping clips; frame counter, “Channels”). This is followed by a “Questions/Answers” part. – Click the image to see a larger version.

Since Blender works under FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, OS X, Solaris and  Windows the Blender VSE brings free and open-source (and de facto platform  independent – .blends can be shared) non-linear video editing to almost any PC that an editor, video artist, company or organisation might be using or could set up at virtually no cost: the Blender VSE also works on older hardware (e.g.  with Ubuntu).


*25.01.09* See my blogpost Editing with Blender, Ubuntu: Screenshots, workflow from my Notic Nastic live clip for a visual introduction to the Blender VSE. (Click the screenshots to see all the details like for the one about the Compositing Nodes…!)

*02.01.09* Ubuntu (8.04, 8.10) users who experience problems with sound playback in Blender, are looking for solutions for FireWire related issues or have problems with the windowed (= not fullscreen) Blender version see the second comment at the end of my blogpost about the tutorial! (And feel free to post solutions to other related problems as a comment…)


Blender: 2D Title Presets v0.1.1a

New: get started *in a few quick steps*

1) Download the 2D Title Presets .blend – (with *updated* tutorial)

2) Download Blender

3) Open the .blend

Click the image to see a larger version.

Click the image to see a larger version.

8 Responses to Tutorials

  1. kernond says:

    Hey, I saw your demo on doing titling in Blender. Nice job and I’m sure it help. Also, I wanted to let you know that I’ve created a video tutorial on basic Titling Techniques in Blender.

    You can check it out at:

    I didn’t leave this as a comment because I didn’t want to spam your site.


  2. […] tutorials « indiworks – indi media works – If, like me, you use Blender for video editing this is a great resource to learn how to do it. It even comes with the files for you to try it out on! […]

  3. rob says:

    Thanks a ton for this orientation to the video sequence editor. it gave me sanity and a sense of control rather than clicking all over like a spastic monkey.

  4. vsworks says:

    Rob, good to hear you found it useful!

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